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Using data and analytics to support students

Developing analytics for programme-level design and learning 

The University of Nottingham hosted the Designing Programmes for Learning conference in January (2022) and the recordings for the whole event are now available here. As part of the conference Dr Carmen Tomas presented a Jisc-funded project: Decisions, theory and data: defining the role of analytics for assessment and feedback, alongside presentations from Karen Barton […]

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(06/05/2022 18:04)

Transforming the future of business schools with Heidi Plus data 

Ramin Bokaian, Research Manager at the Chartered Association of Business Schools explains how Heidi Plus data is being used to transform the future of its members. The Chartered Association of Business Schools is a membership organisation which represents over 120 business schools in the HE (higher education) sector. We run regular events, member CPD (continuing […]

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(30/03/2022 19:51)

New finance trends dashboards for Heidi Plus allows users to easily compare financial data over time and build custom benchmark groups 

Jisc data analytics has released two new suites of finance trends dashboards in Heidi Plus for subscribers to benchmark themselves and compare key financial data over time (including income, expenditure and research income data). This follows feedback from the user community that the existing finance data was difficult to compare year on year due to […]

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(04/10/2021 21:15)

Learning continued despite challenging times during COVID-19 

At a time when learning was disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, our 2020/21 student digital experience insights survey findings highlight many positives and examples of good practice to build on for the future as well as some areas of concern. A record number of 62,658 students from further education (FE) and higher education (HE) across […]

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(13/09/2021 13:48)

Maximising diversity in campus and graduate recruitment with the support of HE data 

Diversity in the workplace is becoming of increasing importance and many organisations are rethinking how they go about recruiting with diversity at the front of their minds. Diverse workplaces bring new perspectives which lead to more collaborative approaches, productive employees, greater innovation and increased performance.   We caught up with one of our customers who’ve been analysing higher education data […]

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(02/09/2021 15:22)

CBRE inform student accommodation recommendations using Jisc’s tailored datasets 

As a Director within CBRE’s Valuation & Advisory department specialising in the student accommodation sector, I lead a team delivering analytical insight for our teams and clients. We advise on the ongoing requirement for student accommodation across the UK and provide the intelligence needed to understand demand. We have been using bespoke higher education data […]

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(01/09/2021 20:22)

Three definitive reasons why HE course accreditors need to make data-driven portfolio decisions 

Degree course accreditation within higher education (HE) has never been so important. In a world where so many courses now exist, students rightly want to select the right courses for their future career needs. Accredited courses can bring additional credibility and confidence that students will graduate with the skills they need within their chosen professional […]

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(12/08/2021 10:02)

How can data help students make key decisions? 

Modern students face a vast array of challenges. Questions of finance, of accommodation, of attendance and attainment, about their careers and their very identities bear heavily on them. We collect a great deal of data about these specific matters, and this data can be of significant value to students if delivered properly. But we have […]

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(20/07/2021 18:06)

How Heidi Plus data helped The British Academy to empower the humanities and social sciences 

Effective representation of higher education (HE) students, staff and their university courses is increasingly drawing on high-quality data to make well-informed, evidence-based decisions. The British Academy – the UK’s national body for the humanities and social sciences – underpin this approach by using the HE data available within Jisc’s business intelligence platform: Heidi Plus to […]

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(22/06/2021 20:21)

How Leeds Trinity improved student progression and retention with a common goal 

Leeds Trinity may be a small university but it’s incredibly student focused with a clear mission to ensure all students feel part of a distinctively supportive community. In 2019 as Head of student engagement and communications, I helped to significantly improve the organisational efficiencies to increase student support and take a more proactive approach to […]

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(22/06/2021 18:04)

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